What Makes Elite Audiology Different?

We combine two highly acclaimed protocols that are most frequently omitted from hearing aid dispensing practices. The consumer advocacy groups (the Better Hearing Institute and the Hearing Loss Association of America) and the professional Audiology Associations (the American Academy of Audiology, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology) as well as Consumer Reports Magazine all recommend that the success of every hearing aid fitting be verified through Probe-Microphone Measures (also known as Real-Ear Measures). Yet, continued research documents that less than 30% of hearing aids purchased in the United States are fit with this Gold Standard. At Elite Audiology we have been doing this for years. Hearing Aids cannot be successfully fit without this measure. Before making an appointment for a hearing test, Consumer Reports recommends ensuring that these measures will be a part of the hearing aid fitting process.

Beyond ensuring the proper fitting of hearing aids, research has long documented that the greatest success with hearing aids is attained when combined with information on improved communication patterns for the person with hearing loss and this person’s primary communication partner. Both consumer advocacy groups and audiology professional associations label this as “Best Practice.” Yet, again, most hearing care offices fail to provide this important component to success. At Elite Audiology we believe this is integral to achieving the greatest performance levels possible with amplification.

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