Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Styles

At Elite Audiology we work with all major brands of hearing instruments and all circuit types. Hearing aids are selected in consultation with one of our audiologists and will be based upon your lifestyle needs, your cosmetic preference and your budgetary concerns. The most expensive hearing aids may not be the best for you depending on the types of listening environments you find yourself within.

Regardless of style, hearing aids are small computerized sound processers. Through the programming adjustments our audiologists can make to the circuitry, these instruments are capable of making soft speech audible and conversational intensity speech comfortable. Hearing aids do this while simultaneously ensuring that loud sounds do not become uncomfortable.

Digital hearing aids are capable of smoothing the impact of sharp sounds (the clinking of glasses and sounds from cutlery). Depending on the style, directional microphones can zoom in on the speech you want to hear while helping to suppress interfering sounds behind you. Most of today’s hearing aids are capable of interfacing with telephones and can wirelessly connect to your television. Innovations in hearing aids provide graphic equalizers to adjust the degree of amplification as needed for differing degrees of hearing loss at different pitches. Which features are available in a given hearing aid depends on the style of instrument and the listening needs of the user.

Depending on the degree and duration of your hearing loss, your ears and your brain may require several weeks to fully adjust to the sounds you hear with your hearing aids. If your hearing loss occurred gradually over several years it will take some wearing time before you can place some of the more distracting sounds of life into the background as you did before your hearing loss.

While you will find hearing aids to be extremely helpful, you may find that you still miss some of the sounds you want to hear. It is for this reason that you will find the information on Assistive Listening Devices and the suggestions under Additional Information within this section of our website to be helpful.

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