Assistive Listening Devices

While hearing aids can go a long way toward alleviating the difficulties encountered by loss of hearing, for many people they do not fully address the difficulties encountered. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) can be helpful when hearing aids are not quite enough to address the hearing problem or when the hearing loss is creating minimal problems but is not great enough to warrant the use of hearing aids.

The following represent a small selection of the most frequently used devices to augment the success attained with hearing aids. At Elite Audiology we can demonstrate a variety of these devices and guide you in the selection of appropriate technologies when needed.


Sonic Boom Alarm Clock image Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with optional bed shaker: Sure to wake the soundest sleeper.

Alert Master Phone and Door System Alert Master Phone and Door System: Alerts with flashing light or remote signaler placed in another room.

Silent Call Sidekick Silent Call Sidekick: Alerts for doorbells, telephone, and sound (i.e.: baby crying, smoke alarms, etc.). Systems can alert with flashing lights, or vibrating wrist band with different vibratory patterns for different alerts.

Amplified Telephone Amplified Telephone: Large numbers for easy calling. Light flashes when ringing. Ringer amplifier and voice amplifier with high frequency emphasis. Voice amplification resets to normal volume when call is disconnected. Speaker phone capability. Can get amplified phones in cordless models.

Popular TV EARS Popular “TV EARS”: Lightweight under-the-chin headset with wireless sound transmission that allows TV to be set at an extremely low volume yet amplifying sound to user comfort. Headset can be used at home or taken to many public cinemas and theaters with infra-red sound systems for those with hearing loss.

Amplified Neck Loop Amplified Neck Loop: For use with cell phones. Amplifies phone voice through hearing aids’ telecoil circuit.

Pocket Talker Pocket Talker: Allows for personal communications for those without hearing aids who are in need of more private conversations. Ideal for doctor visits. Talker speaks into hand held microphone and listener wears “Sony walkman” style headphones.

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