Your Appointment – An Interactive Fitting Process

Today's hearing aids can help almost anyone hear better and return to a more normal life. Unfortunately, many hearing aids end up sitting unused in a drawer because of improper fitting, imprecise programming or insufficient training and support.

Successful use of hearing aids is a journey. Unlike eyeglasses, where any pair with the right prescription will work with instant success, hearing aids require learning, patience and getting used to. We are committed to an interactive fitting process that embarks on a journey to better hearing for an improved quality of life. Our process includes:

  • A detailed case history and exploration of listening needs
  • A full diagnostic hearing evaluation
  • An interactive hearing aid selection process
  • Computerized programming of hearing instruments to address the unique pattern of each individual’s hearing loss
  • A computerized probe-microphone verification of speech audibility
  • Supplemental communication guidance to augment hearing aid success
  • A follow-up maintenance program to maximize performance and improve life of hearing instrumentation

As you are aware, hearing loss affects not only the person with hearing loss but also the friends, family and/or co-workers who interact with that person. As such, at Elite Audiology, we frequently find the interactive hearing aid selection and fitting process andsequent adjustment to amplification are most successful when a family member or friend accompanies the patient to the first appointment.

Procuring hearing aids is an interactive process between you and your audiologist. Your success with amplification is much more dependent upon this process than on any particular style or brand of hearing aid. At Elite Audiology we work with all major brands of hearing instruments and all circuit types. The instruments selected for you will be made in consultation with one of our audiologists and will be based upon your life-style needs, your cosmetic preference and your budgetary concerns. The most expensive hearing aids may not be the best for you depending on the types of listening environments you find yourself within.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the proper hearing aids are selected for your degree of hearing loss and the listening demands of your life style. We will program your hearing aids for your current hearing loss and should your hearing change in the future we will, at no charge, reset the hearing aids’ circuitry to accommodate the change.

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